Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in Asia. When commuting on public transport, most of us have probably felt like our ‘bubble’ has been invaded, especially on the MTR during peak hours. Our ‘bubble’, also known as personal space, refers to the distance between two individuals. According to the proxemic theory, interpersonal distance can be classified into four categories: Intimate distance – from 0 – 46
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After seeing glimpses of what therapy may look like in movies and TV shows, we may have formed the impression that therapy involves sitting in a dim room on a couch while talking to a therapist. While speaking about your problems is a part of therapy, there are other techniques that can help you to look at your challenges from another angle. These can add to your toolbox when managing
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“Work harder or you’ll never amount to anything?” – “You’re a bad friend, and no one really likes you anyway.” – “You are embarrassing.” – “You are stupid.” – “YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” We all have a nagging inner critic of self-doubt sitting on our shoulder and whispering nasty comments into our ear. This voice can be very strong and very convincing. Despite its harshness, we often believe that
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