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Psychoeducation is essential as it can have preventative and healing effects for a wide range of circumstances. Dr. Terrighena offers workshops and seminars on a variety of psychological topics to both organizations and private groups, including entrepreneurial groups, small-to-medium businesses, and large corporates. She passionately emphasises experiential learning and creates highly interactive workshops from which clients gain both new insights and practical techniques to implement immediately.

All workshops and seminars are flexibly tailored to the vision and target market of the client. Thus, format and contents will be presented in a manner that is most effective for reaching and engaging the audience. In particular, workshops  can be suited to employees at all levels of a company, making them accessible to individuals performing various roles, carrying different types of responsibility, and coming from many different backgrounds of expertise. These presentations will cover relevant topics in an individually applicable way and aim to form a foundation of knowledge and effective skills across the whole company. When working directly with higher management levels, Dr. Terrighena emphasises how to use skills pertaining to interpersonal effectiveness, emotional intelligence and behavioural activation to guide and manage employees successfully. Such presentations aim to help managers both perform their managerial duties and as well pass on the learned techniques to the individuals they are managing, enhancing organisational integrity and culture of mental well-being.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

    Attendees learn to identify sources and symptoms of feelings that influence their stress levels and work productivity, such as anxiety, depression, burn-out, anger or low self-esteem, and gain practical techniques to manage these in ways that benefit their mental well-being.

  2. Interpersonal Effectiveness

    Attendees can explore the hallmarks of successful communication and apply valuable skills pertaining to active listening, assertiveness, and team work.

  3. Behavioural Activation

    Attendees examine personal barriers to productivity and move themselves toward action. These workshops focus on research-based strategies for time management, goal setting and self-reflection.

  • Smoother communication and more efficient collaboration between employees, departments and management
  • Enhanced employee mental health and well-being, which is associated with higher productivity, lower staff turnover, and fewer sick days
  • Improved employee perception of their company, creating identification with the company, and a motivated work and team environment
  • ¬†Personal growth and development both for employees within the company and the company as a whole.

The benefits of mindfulness are becoming increasingly recognized in the corporate world. In particular, research has shown that regular mindfulness practice enhances attention skills and emotion regulation, making individuals more flexible and competent in dealing with challenging situations. This interacts with physiology, resulting in decreased stress hormones and blood pressure, and improved immuno- and cardiovascular health. Dr. Terrighena offers workshops on mindfulness and meditation that highlight such psychophysiological benefits and provide concrete techniques that attendees can experience during the workshop and integrate into their daily routine for maximum results.

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