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Confidential, non-judgmental, goal-oriented psychotherapy.

Gain assessments and tools to manage and resolve your challenges.

Achieve long-lasting wellbeing. 


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A Note from Dr. Esslin

As a chartered psychologist and registered psychotherapist, I provide integrative, structured, and client-focused psychotherapy and counselling consultations.

During your first two sessions, we will work together to conduct a thorough assessment of your challenges. From these sessions, you will walk away with an in-depth understanding of why and how your feelings, thoughts, and behaviours stop you from moving forward.

This will be your roadmap for our therapeutic work. 

At the therapeutic stage, we will address feelings, thoughts, and behaviours one by one with a range of therapeutic techniques that best suit your needs and circumstances. These are designed to take you out of your usual frame of thinking and create experiences that allow for truly felt change. You will continue to gain new insights, practical tools, and a solid foundation from which to weather future challenges.

The most worthwhile project you will ever work on is you.


  • Mental Health Programs
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Meditation & Mindfulness

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